International conference venue for food agricultural industries and trade enterprises "Kazakhstan: opportunities through partnership"

Kazakhstan, with more than 200 million hectares of agricultural land, including arable land - 26 million hectares, hayfields - 5.0 million hectares, pastures - 180 million hectares, as well as being on the Great Silk Road with unique trade routes, is one of the most promising world sites for the development of agriculture, livestock and the production of environmentally friendly food for subsequent exports to China, Russia, Europe, Middle East countries, etc.

To date, the main efforts of Kazakhstan are directed to the development of the agricultural sector, financial institutions have been established for the agricultural sector, and state development programs have been adopted. Today, foreign companies that have started working in this direction with Kazakhstan will ensure a stable and successful business in the future and have a chance to become the main companies producers, suppliers of raw materials, equipment and technologies in the large food platform created in Kazakhstan for the export of eco products to China, Russia, Europe and the Middle East.

The Association of Producers and Entrepreneurs Made in Kazakhstan offers you an opportunity to organize targeted negotiations with Kazakh companies operating in the areas of interest to you. You will have a unique opportunity to solve your questions in a short period of time without visiting a large number of exhibitions, reducing the number of unnecessary trips in search of business partners in Kazakhstan.

In the application you can write your wishes on the organization of negotiations with the Kazakhstan companies on cooperation, trade, to offer their technologies, etc.

After submitting the application, the staff of the Association will contact you to discuss the issues that you are interested in and discuss the terms of cooperation.